Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT Activated-KBO torrent

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Windows 10 v1909 is constantly activated and can be updated!

With Windows 10 Pro you are a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 10 Home, as well as important business functionality for encryption, remote login, virtual machine creation, and more. Get quick initial tips, a familiar but expanded Start menu, and great new ways to do something in addition to innovative features like a brand new Internet browser and a more personalized digital assistant, Cortana.

File: Windows 10 Pro to US v1909 x64 BiT

Size: GB

Format: executable ISO

UEFI support: YES

Pre-activated: YES

UEFI road again

Use the included Rufus USB tool to make UEFI bootable.

1: Burn to a large DVD or copy to Rufus USB

2: Install

3: Done


— Release information

OS version: 1709 OS

Activated version (no additional activation tools required)


— Installation information

1. burn / collect

3. Enjoy!